Book Review – There was a Country

Title: There Was A Country: A personal history of Biafra Author: Chinua Achebe Published by: Allen Lane – The Penguin Group Year of Publication: 2012 Genre: Non Fiction; Memoir Pages: 319 Source: Bought Publisher’s Summary The defining experience of Chinua Achebe’s life was the Nigerian civil war, also known as the Biafran War. For more than forty years Achebe was silent on those terrible years, until he produced this towering reckoning […]

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Book Review – The JJC Handbook

Book Review - The JJC Handbook - Valerie Kerri

Title: The JJC Handbook: Adapting to the United Kingdom With Ease Author: Valerie Kerri Published by: Author Year of Publication: 2016 Genre: Non Fiction; Guidebook Pages: 66 Source: Bought Publisher’s Summary The ‘JJC handbook’ is a collection of helpful advice gathered over time by the author, after she moved to the United Kingdom. With simple and easily adaptable steps, this book is invaluable to migrants from any country. My Thoughts […]

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