Why You Should Have Been At BookHub’s The Event

Bookhub- The event

If you’re reading this piece, then you are most likely a staunch internet user. Who for some reason, wasn’t around for BookHub The Event. I would exempt people who couldn’t make it due to proximity issue but I doubt your love for books if you were in Lagos on the 5th of March, and you weren’t at this event. I can only weep at how much bookish fun you just forfeited. Aisha […]

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A Mother’s Mantra: Minding your business.

Living in Lagos - A Mother's Mantra - Aisha Yusuff - Thatothernigeriangirl - Lagos traffic

My Lagos Traffic Story: Growing up with my mother, she taught me one mandatory rule and failure to abide by this rule earned me excruciating punishments. ‘Do not concern yourself with matters that do not involve you’. I shudder at the memories of the admonishment I received each time I broke her rule. The most traumatising being the day she hit me across the face in our area, ruining my well-built […]

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Book Review: A House Without Windows

Growing up in a country which, despite its crippling economy, is still a relatively easy place for a woman to inhabit; It was a bit difficult, at first, to understand the feelings of the women in this book.  Aisha YusuffAisha enjoys reading(with hands dipped in a jar of Nutella) ,writing( under tree shades) and listening(to acquire wisdom).

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