My mind: A reality show?

My mind a reality show

I sometimes imagine what a reality show of my life would look like. In fact, for about 3 months in 2008, during the time I was supposed to be preparing for my A-levels exam (I say supposed because I pretty much spent a year goofing off). I was sure someone had installed cameras in my room, I was constantly being filmed and I was playing to an audience.

Feeling like a Celebrity

Needless to say, nobody cared about my existence on that campus and even if I had a show, I doubt you could pay anyone to watch it since it would mostly involve me in solitary activities. Picture me marching down a street (I am not a stroller) with a serious look on my face which most people take as my angry face or worse, as a sign of depression.

Fast Waling - Musings

As an aside, don’t you just hate when a random person or even someone you know comes up to you when you are thinking about something really interesting and tells you to “Smile naw” or “O de ma rerin” (Try to laugh more). Excuse me; you don’t know what’s going on up here, I’m operating on a different wavelength from mere mortals, and do I look like a clown to you? Please, respect yourself and try minding your own business.Random Thoughts

What was I saying? Yes, my reality show would be boring but if you had access to the thoughts in my head. Would you find that interesting? Be sure to let me know because I am treating you to some random thoughts that floated through my mind today (Lol!).

  • I could really use a new toothbrush


  • What can I wear to quickly go and get flour?


  • Pancakes with cinnamon or without?



  • Hmmn, my curls are popping!!!


  • That didn’t take as long as I thought it would…
  • What kind of evil spirit is this one?


  • So this is what it feels like to be a local champion


  • Mama Segi was a closet lesbian
  • Does this mean I can come and eat?
  • If I wash 20 items of clothing every day, I should be done by next week.


  • Can this rain fall somewhere else abeg…
  • How do I start this essay now o?
  • That is not the spirit of God talking, that is the Devil trying to treat you like an Ignoramus.


Please note that I am not using this medium as a diary, try not to judge me by the (un) seriousness of these thoughts.

Obsessed with books.

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